Sarah Lawrie ~

I use my passion for photography to explore and channel my emotions and life's experiences, past and present, both positive and negative.

I almost always work in black and white and I am inspired by light and shadows and the powerful contrast they create. I look for them and use them to express my innermost emotions, experiences and interpretation of my surroundings.

My choice of subject varies but nothing is out of bounds, everything can be seen, everything can be beautiful..

While my work is highly personal, I feel that its mysterious and at times ambiguous nature will allow the viewer to have their own understanding and feelings.

I hope to continue this journey and with the love and influence of my children and family, I will continue to do so. ~

Sarah is a Canadian photographer and visual artist living in Toronto. Throughout her childhood and teenage years she had a great love and curiosity for photography but it wasn't until the death of her parents and several events following that her passion grew monumentally.

Determined and self taught she was able to learn the craft and improve her skills. She reveals strong, heartfelt emotions not only in her self portraiture but in every subject, as a way to express her innermost feelings of love and loss. The birth of her children expanded her vision and they are often  the subject of her work.

Noted for her discerning use of light and shadows, her high contrast imagery captivates the viewer with strong emotional impact and profound depth. Her melancholic and soulful approach can be found in all her work no matter the theme.

Sarah has been internationally published, has displayed in small local venues and continues to sell her work at home and around the world.

Select prints are available hand signed and printed on high quality archival paper.

For any image related inquiries, pricing or collaborative work please send me a message at